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Solar Installation Audit -

Solar Installation Audit

Australia’s Renewable Energy Target was audited in 2018 and they have concluded the following: Despite Australia suffering from a large number of dodgy solar panel installers, not a single one has been suspended by the Clean Energy Regulator for installing sub-standard or dangerous solar systems.  Of the....READ MORE

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What are the pros and cons of Solar Power

Fun Fact: Did you know that the energy the sun provides to the earth for one hour, could meet the global needs for one year?! Solar power has changed and transformed dramatically over the years, in several different ways: It has become more and more affordable, making....READ MORE

Save money with Solar

How much do solar panels cost?

When you see the word ‘cheap’ on something for sale, what other words do you immediately associate with it? Poor quality? Faulty? Fake? It's rare to get a confident feeling from ‘cheap’ products and solar should be no different. Whilst the cost of solar panels have greatly....READ MORE