Solar Installation Audit

Australia’s Renewable Energy Target was audited in 2018 and they have concluded the following:

  • Despite Australia suffering from a large number of dodgy solar panel installers, not a single one has been suspended by the Clean Energy Regulator for installing sub-standard or dangerous solar systems.
  • Of the solar panels inspected between Jan – July 2018, 20% were given a ‘sub-standard’ rating and a further 2.7% were deemed to be unsafe and were immediately shut down and removed.

Some more fun facts for you:

  • You will be astounded to read that around 25% of all installations that were inspected failed to reach the basic rating of ‘adequate’
  • A very small 2.5% were rated ‘industry best practice’ which means the installation exceeded Australian Standards.  This number is SMALLER than the % of installations that were deemed unsafe and dangerous!
  • Majority of solar installations were rated as ‘adequate’ – whilst this isn’t as amazing as ‘industry best practice’ it’s not

Whilst we all understand that price plays a huge factor in the solar installation provider you will choose, we urge you to balance that with quality.  We are not here to name and shame our competitors, but instead to help inform our customers to make the educated decisions around which solar panel installer and provider you should select.

Below are some recommended questions you can ask your solar provider to help you balance quality vs price:

  1. What type of solar energy system is installed on your own roof?
  2. What system size should I choose for the most savings?
  3. Are you a licensed solar panel installer and how much industry experience do you have?
  4. Will you take a detailed look at my roof?
  5. What if my solar system doesn’t generate as much energy as anticipated?
  6. How are solar warranties handled?