What are the pros and cons of Solar Power

Fun Fact: Did you know that the energy the sun provides to the earth for one hour, could meet the global needs for one year?!

Solar power has changed and transformed dramatically over the years, in several different ways:

  • It has become more and more affordable, making it more accessible to everyday families across Australia
  • Technology has advanced greatly in this area, now offering battery storage to compliment your solar panels.
  • It has been proven time and time again to have huge benefits to the environment as it’s a renewable source of energy.

But the real question that you want answered is, what are the pros and cons of installing solar power?

Pros Cons
Renewable energy source – you can rest assured you are doing your bit for the environment Initial cost of installation – keep in mind this may not be as high as you anticipated.. PLUS there are loads of long term savings to be had!
Lowers electricity bills – more money in your pocket! Weather Dependant – you need to make sure your panels are positioned in the best location to capture the most sun, all year round!
Low ongoing maintenance costs – even more money in your pocket!  
Technology development – this is a technology that is rapidly changing and advancing. The introduction of battery storage is a great example!  
Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home!  More long-term benefits.  
Solar is EASY! Shopping for solar used to be a long drawn out process! Its not anymore.. Prometheus Energy Solutions are experts that have a streamlined, easy to understand process that won’t leave you in the dark and confused!  

The verdict is in folks, it appears the pros outweigh the cons! We understand you probably still have loads of questions.. and we’d be happy to answer them all. Give us a call on 0401 807 789 or send us an email and we’d be happy to sit down and talk you through everything you need to know about your solar investment!