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What is Battery Storage? Solar Batteries work by storing energy produced by solar panels and storing it for later use. Meaning you can keep your lights on in a blackout, the fridge running and the TV on without disruption when you install solar panels with a solar battery storage solution. A widely popular bonus of this investment is that it will reduce your power bill! Here at Prometheus Energy Solutions, we only use the highest quality components and materials, specifically designed to suit your needs and maximize your investment.

Here at Prometheus Energy we use trusted brands such as Tesla, LG, Redflow, and PowerPlus for our Battery Storage Installations.

If you’ve already got Solar Panels, or you’re considering Solar Panels, its worth weighing up the option of adding on Battery Storage.

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The cost of solar panels has greatly reduced in Australia over the years, although there are still many varying factors will affect the price, such as: quality of materials used, the number of solar panels and many more.

Prometheus Energy Solutions is committed to keeping up to date with all the latest solar technologies to ensure we can offer a future-proof solution, tailored to your needs. Using well-known and trusted brands such as Q-Cell, LG and Longi, we are confident in offering industry leading solutions that will last the test of time.

There are several benefits of installing Solar Panels, including

  • Reducing Electricity Bill, who doesn’t want to pay less?!
  • Low Maintenance Costs, a huge bonus!
  • It’s a Renewable Energy Source, so you can be safe that you’re doing your bit to help the environment
  • Technology Development – we’re getting smarter and more knowledge by the day!

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What is an inverter and why do I need one?

When your solar panels collect sunlight and turn it into energy, it gets sent to the inverter, which takes the direct current energy and turns it into Alternating current energy. At that point, your solar electricity can power your appliances and electronics or, if you’re producing more electricity than you need, it can feed back into the grid

Prometheus Energy Solutions recommends you match High quality solar panels with high quality inverters, such as: Fronius, SMA, or SolarEdge. We also offer panel level optimization and monitoring with SolarEdge optimizer and Enphase microinverters to guarantee the best possible production from your solar panels under all conditions.

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LED Lighting has multiple benefits, did you know that?

  • They last MUCH longer
  • They are FAR MORE Energy-efficient
  • They are DURABLE and tough
  • They continue to work in EXTREME temperatures
  • They offer more DESIGN FLEXABILITY
  • They are 100% RECYCLABLE
  • They have almost NO UV emissions
  • They can work on LOW-VOLTAGE power
  • Do we need to keep going?

LED lighting has HUGE benefits and they will assist in lowering the running costs of your home, office, workshop or warehouse! Get in touch with Prometheus Energy today and we’ll be happy to assist you on your journey to energy independence